In-House Embroidery

Unlike a lot of suppliers in our industry, we carry out all embroidery in-house. Embroidery is by far the most widely used method of applying a logo or design to garments. Embroidered logos have a look of quality and are more durable than any other form of decoration. The more sturdy the fabric, then cleaner and more effective the embroidery looks.
  • We house 2 industrial embroidery machines that are capable of producing over 1,000 logos per day
  • Up to 12 colour threads per design
  • Digitizing service
  • Pantone colour matched
  • Priced by stitch count, we try to keep the total count in your design to a minimum without compromising the quality and end result
  • ISO9001 Quality Management and Procedures accreditation

File Formats: High resolution JPG, BMP, TIF, EPS, AI (read our guide on file formats)

Files you supply us for embroidery have to be converted in to a format our embroidery machines can read. All files types are acceptable as long as the resolution is good quality. Although digitizing is created on a computer, it is very much a manual process with an operator physically deciding where to place stitches within the design and in which order they should be run.

Please email for any advice or consultation.

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